Hints and Tips for buying in Italy

1. Buying price

The price shown for the property is set by the seller. In Italy, haggling is normal. If you feel that the asking price is too high, feel free to make a lower offer. you may be surprised at how much "haggle room" there is in the advertised price!

2. State of buildings

Please do not be put off by the photographs. The Italians do not have a notion of "dressing up" a property for sale. Please see the "before and after" photos in the project examples page to see the transformations that can be achieved.
Labour costs in Italy are well below those in other areas of Europe, so decorative work, repainting, landscaping etc. can transform an apparently "scruffy" property for very reasonable costs.

3. Beware of low-cost 'agents'

Many adverts for Italian properties are from un-licenced agents. If an agent asks that their name is not put on the sale documents, it probably means they are not registered or licenced.

Although they may look cheaper, they are unlikely to be able to offer the professional support and security of a properly licenced agency such as L & G Properties gives.

With an unlicenced agent, should it turn out, for example, that a property is registered as agricultural storage, rather than a dwelling, it will take you a lot of time and money to sort out.
With a professional, registered agent such as L & G Properties, they will have ensured the correct documentation and registrations, and they are fully liable (and insured) should a problem arise.

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