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Engineering Services

L & G are uniquely qualified to provide a high level of engineering services as part of the architectural design process for the new build or renovation of properties. Unlike most agents, who sub-contract these services, L & G can offer:

Structural Design Calculations

We are qualified to provide in-house all the necessary calculations and reports to satisfy the structural design requirements of planning authorities. This is particularly important because of the enforcement of earthquake proofing regulations now required for both new builds and restorations in Italy.

Energy performance Certification

Most Italian local authorities have endorsed the latest regulations in terms of energy performance of new and existing buildings. We are able to issue energy performance certificates for every type of building. The certificate is compulsory in the case of sale for some type of buildings.

Alternative Energy

We carry out the design of alternate energy systems, including solar power systems for hot water systems and electricity generation. Solar power can be used also for outdoor showers, external light and all equipments placed where there is no electric cable. With solar and wind power, the energy bill is reduced dramatically, and with time, the surplus of energy can be sold to the electricity companies.

alternative energy
Energy perfomance calculation

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