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Work: House & Pool building
1 Concrete structure and pool

Being in an earthquake area, all designs have to be done according to NTC 2008 (Italian implementation of Eurocode 8 and similar), based on the “Spettro di Risposta Sismica” (a standardized diagram correlating the period/frequency of the structure and the seismic acceleration coming from P or S seismic waves in the site soil). Period/frequency of the structure depends by structure stiffness, walls toothing, shape, height, etc.

The concrete structure was built and finished with passivhaus technique (underfloor heating with solar panels and double-glazed argon windows, cavity walls insulation)
There was an already built rock wall and customer asked to use it as “feature”, allocating an infinity pool inside the area between the house and the wall.
Shotconcrete was used to reinforce excavation face. Infinity pool built using the wall as a “feature”.

The project involved the house, the building services and the recovery of the external stone wall to preserve the original character of the house sympathetically with the external area. Every little detail has been carefully planned, respecting the character of the building and combining it with a comfortable style.

The building is today a refined villa with 4 bedrooms, a beautiful open living room on the entrance and a large kitchen. Outside, a terrace of over 120 square meters opens on an infinity pool, heated and overlooking the magical panorama of the Gulf of Policastro below.

Materials used: Stone – Hollow clay brick 8 cm
Intonaco (render, floating and setting)
Concrete C10/15 (Magrone)
Concrete C25/30 (Pool)
Steel B450C

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