Casa del Pozzo
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  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Garages
  • Price €85000  - Properties
  • Area 130sqm 
  • Status For Sale

Casa del Pozzo is a nice property set in gorgeous countryside, located in the sea village of Pisticci.

The house, approx. 75 sqm, is on one level, stone built with  tufo, the typical material of the area; the house is “divided” in two sections via an intermediate wall. The “left” side of the property belongs to one brother, the other section to the second brother. The “left” apartment includes for lounge/kitchen, one bedroom, bathroom. The adjacent, “right” apartment, accessed via another entrance, has got two bedrooms and one bathroom. An external doors gives access to a deposit room on the side.

The standard is quite basic, but everything is in working order. Water and electricity are connected. There is no central heating, just a fireplace. The main drinking water comes from a well within the property (“Reverse Osmosis” Filter to be installed) but there is also the “farming” water (“Ente per l’Irrigazione Basilicata”) within the property.

The structure is made in “tufo” (a local yellow calcareous stone) with load bearing walls (thickness approx. 0.4 mt). No sign of earthquake damages being Pisticci a low risk area and the house built according to “Best Industry Practice”.

The owner of the “right” property asked for an extension planning permission which was given. Unfortunately it expired without finishing the project due to brother’s death and it has to be renewed. The project agreed for an extension on one side of the house where there will be the future kitchen.

There is also an outbuilding (approx. 30 sqm), currently used as garage, to be restored.

There is potential for three large bedrooms with two bathrooms. External staircase from the lower level to the upper level to be done to access the roof terrace (As it can be seen on Google maps pictures the house has got partially the roof; approx. 10-15 sqm have been left “flat” providing a roof terrace with spectacular view over the countryside)

The property includes for 17,000 square meters of land approximately, currently used as a productive farm with many fruit trees, olives and vegetable garden.

It is possible to add a swimming pool and plenty of space to add a a car shed, eventually.

– State of the building: The buildings are structurally sound. Interior works to be done as deco outdated. Structural survey report will be issued by our in-house structural engineer to confirm the condition of the house as well as an accurate budget costing of the renovation works once the detailed project will be agreed.

– Services: The property is serviced with electricity, water and sewage.
a) There is a well that supplies private water.
b) The area is not serviced with public sewage. The property has a private sewage system which needs to be updated.
Heating system to be installed with boiler and radiators.

– Ownership Details:
The property is being sold by a private owner.

Area  : zona E1 “Agricolo” – Masterplan Pisticci
Minimum plot size to build 10.000 sqm
Building ratio (“Indice Fondiario”) 0.03 mc/mq “Residential”
0.07 mc/mq “Farming”
Volume allowance: 510 mc (approx. 170 sqm) “Residential”
1190 mc (approx. 397 sqm) “Farming” (stables, granary, etc.)

“Due to our Ltd “Article of Association” and experience we are able, also, to offer you a “Property Search Service” (“Feasibility study” (art. 14 comma 1 DPR 207/2010)), giving our professional support when you buy properties from estate agents, and deliver a “built to order” project. Specifically the feasibility study is made by a report showing:
a) “As is” analysis with definition of Architectural, Geological, Bureacratic & Economic constraints;
b) Renovation/building work specification (what is possible to achieve, do’s & don’ts, cost, technical & landscape constraints, etc.);
c) Work specification analysis with alternative solutions specification;
d) Definition of environmental and landscape constraints (D.Lgs 42/04 e ssmmii) with renovation/building work definitiion (do’s & don’ts)

– Location:
The property is located off a public country road, with not much traffic.It feels private, but it’s not secluded. Shops and facilities are within short driving distance.
The closest town is Pisticci, at 5 minutes drive approximately. Here you find many shops and restaurants.
Pisticci is a seaside resort characterized by his medieval castle and his mother-church, dominating the village. The town is set in an area characterized by deep clavey ravines, of great naturalistic importance.

Distance from Matera: 44 km
Distance from Potenza: 92 km

Floor Plan
Public Facilities
  • Airport126 km
  • Hospital8 km
  • City center6 km
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