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Work: Buildings Restoration & Pool
2 stone houses, steel reinforced concrete pool and cantilevered retaining wall

Being in an earthquake area, all designs have to be done according to NTC 2008 (Italian implementation of Eurocode 8 and similar), based on the “Spettro di Risposta Sismica” (a standardized diagram correlating the period/frequency of the structure and the seismic acceleration coming from P or S seismic waves in the site soil). Period/frequency of the structure depends by structure stiffness, walls toothing, shape, height, etc.

The main house had a good response to seismic waves “as is” so we had to intervene only locally with a “miglioramento sismico” (load increase on foundation due to additional loads less than 10%); only local works were performed such as “cerchiatura di rinforzo” (reinforcement ring) of one door, being very close to a corner.

The 1-storey guest house had an irregular shape and half of it was partially built on a rock (soil cat. A) so we had to increase box behaviour of the structure; an “adeguamento sismico” (load increase on foundation more than 10%) was required as we couldn’t intervene only locally.
“Cordoli di Coronamento” (steel reinforced concrete beams) were added at the top of the walls (to avoid “hammering” actions of the roof). Foundation load capacity was higher than the vertical loads and walls toothing was sufficient enough to avoid work on the two mentioned structural elements. New roof was built.Humidity coming from the soil was removed, adding ventilation domes below floor surface.

The site, being on a moderate gradient, forced us to build a retaining wall to level pool elevation.
The pool area was built using a steel reinforced concrete slab, connected, on one side, to the top of the retaining wall and, to the other side, to the top of the pool to avoid local decrease of the resistance to collapse. Pool pump house was built in one corner and drainage was provided all along to avoid humidity in the equipment room.

Materials used: Stone – Hollow Concrete brick 20 cm
Intonaco (render and floating with “frattazzo” finishing)
Concrete C10/15 (Magrone)
Concrete C25/30 (Pool and wall)
Concrete C15/20 (Cordoli)
Steel B450C
Roof – Chestnut D35 a norma DIN 1052-UNI EN 338
Joints Steel FE 360 (Norme UNI 5744 –UNI 10011 – DIN 1052)
Wood Boarding “a vista”
Insulation EPS cm. 8
Wood Boarding
Tarpaper flet


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