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Work: Restoration of two existing buildings, services, external works and swimming pool.

The property included a large stone-built house, and an outbuilding used for agricultural use.
The main house was fully restored, to accommodate 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms at top floor, while the living area, with a beautiful modern kitchen, entrance and toilet are on the ground floor.
The outbuilding provides guest accommodation. The living area has a high ceiling with exposed timber beams.
The swimming pool is in reinforced-concrete, tiled with gres tiles. The area around the pool was built using a steel reinforced concrete slab, and finished with gres tiles to match the pool and an insert of timber decking.
The site is on a moderate gradient, therefore we had to build a cantilevered retaining wall to support the pool area. Pool pump house was built in one corner and drainage was provided all along to avoid humidity in the equipment room.
Structural design
Being in an earthquake area, all designs have to be done according to NTC 2008 (Italian implementation of Eurocode 8 and similar).
The main house had a good response to seismic waves, therefore it did not need extensive structural works.
The 1-storey guest house had an irregular shape and it was partially built on rock. In order to increase the seismic behavior of the structure, “Cordoli di Coronamento” (steel reinforced concrete beams) were added at the top of existing walls, to avoid “hammering” actions of the roof. Foundation load capacity was higher than the vertical loads and walls toothing was sufficient enough to avoid further structural works. New roof was built. Humidity coming from the soil was removed, adding ventilation domes (Igloo) below floor surface.
Materials used:
Stone – Hollow Concrete blocks 20 cm
Intonaco (render and floating with “frattazzo” finishing)
Concrete C10/15 (Magrone)
Concrete C25/30 (Pool and wall)
Concrete C15/20 (Cordoli)
Steel B450C
Roof – Chestnut D35 a norma DIN 1052-UNI EN 338
Exposed timber battens – Chestnut
Joints Steel FE 360 (Norme UNI 5744 –UNI 10011 – DIN 1052)
Insulation EPS cm. 8
Tarpaper flet


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