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Work: Residential Development
1 existing concrete structure, irrigation system, cistern, windmill

This long running project was a great opportunity for L&G to be involved in multiple aspects of design and construction.
The property consists in a large plot of land, with amazing views. There was an existing structure, designed for residential use, but not completed.
The clients had a vision on how to develop this site, and make it a super modern villa, with state of art building services and clever solutions for energy efficiency.

Alterations existing structure
The existing structure was partially demolished, removing the 2 top floors, leaving only the ground floor. This will be converted in  a winery and  extended with an underground cellar.
The structure was strengthened with an internal steel reinforced wall (“setto”) to increase local rigidity, removing a seismic structure vulnerability. The load bearing capacity of the foundations was increased with underpinning some areas. Other elements were modified to increase the local stiffness and balance the centres of gravity displacement.
At the rear of this building, a timber bridge will connect the structure with the ground. The design of the bridge is extra modern, and the span is supported by two glulam beams. Not only the structure of the bridge was designed by L&G, but also the finishes and balustrade.

New Villa
The main accommodations will be provided by a beautiful modern Villa. It will be on 3 levels, with double height entrance. It will include 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a large open-plan living area, external patios, infinity pool and underground garage. A separate studio apartment will provide guests accommodation.
Part of the structure will be built underground, to minimize the impact. The flat roof  will accommodate roof gardens.
L&G has designed the Villa in every detail, from the structural design, to the interior and exterior design.
Being in an earthquake area, all designs have to be done according to NTC 2008 (Italian implementation of Eurocode 8 and similar), based on the “Spettro di Risposta Sismica”

Water management system
Water is provided by two existing wells. From the wells, water is pumper to the newly built, reinforced-concrete cistern, located on the higher part of the property. Excess water from the wells is collected in an artificial pond. Provisions were left to connect the irrigation system and the pool.
The area is not serviced with public sewage. L&G designed and built a Constructed Wetland (Fitodepurazione). This is an artificial pond were foul water is collected and treated naturally by plants.

The property will be energy efficient. The main source of the power will be a wind mill. Solar panels will also be installed.

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