Fattoria Alpaca
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Work: Refurbishment of a building, Log Cabin & Pool
1 building, outside area

L&G has been involved with this property for several years. An English couple purchased the property, consisting in a worn-out house, with humidity problems, and large and overgrown plot of land. The main house was nicely restored, and the humidity issues were solved with an underground field drain running in a trench at the rear of the house.

The principle followed throughout the refurbishment was to respect the original appearance of the buildings, while taking the needs of the current users into account. The purchase was followed by a refurbishment project that took approx. seven months, involving the complete renovation of the building. 

In addition to the buildings, the outisde area has also been restored. The key theme of the restoration plan was to join the area more clearly to its environment. The swimming is above ground, build on a reinforced concrete platform.

The log cabin was delivered from Sweden, and assembled on site. It provides additional guest accommodation, with a double bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.

Materials used: Stone – Materials used: Stone – Hollow clay brick 8 cm – Hollow brick 10 cm
Intonaco (Render, floating and setting)
Concrete C25/30 (Structure)
Steel B450C
Log Cabin – Chestnut D35 a norma DIN 1052-UNI EN 338
Joints Steel FE 360 (Norme UNI 5744 –UNI 10011 – DIN 1052)
Wood boarding “a vista”
Pool – Wood structure Pine mm. 80×120 RAL3
Sun deck pine wood mm. 19 RAL 3

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