The Old Cottage
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Work: House Restoration
1 stone house

This abandoned stone-built old cottage was in very poor conditions. Part of the roof had collapsed, and the interior was badly deteriorated. However, it retained the rustic charm, thanks to the original features like the beautiful stone walls, niches and architraves, the old fire-place.
The object of the conversion was to make a comfortable 2 bedroom house for this family also offering summer rental potential
Structural calculations proved that the load capacity of the foundation was to strong enough to avoid extensive works. “Cordoli di Coronamento” (steel reinforced concrete beams) were added at the top of the walls as well as “Rinforzo dei Cantonali” (walls corners reinforcing), to increase the “effetto scatolare” of the house.  New roof was built.
The garden was landscaped and a patio area created. A mix of traditional style with contemporary kitchen and bathroom have proved an excellent combination.

Materials used: Stone – Hollow clay brick 8 cm – Hollow brick 10 cm
Intonaco (render and floating with “frattazzo” finishing)
Concrete C15/20 (Cordoli – Flooring)
Injection Grout (wall injection/filling – EN 1504-3 class R3-CC)
Steel B450C
Roof – Chestnut D35 a norma DIN 1052-UNI EN 338
Joints Steel FE 360 (Norme UNI 5744 –UNI 10011 – DIN 1052)
Wood boarding “a vista”
Insulation EPS cm. 8
Onduline Sottocoppo



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